Counter Service Restaurants

Your counter service restaurant runs on organization and efficiency. That’s why Clover POS systems offer speed and simplicity with devices designed to fit every space.

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Clover for Counter Service Restaurants

Example device setup for Counter Service Restaurants:

    Clover Station Pro

    Payments at the counter with a customer-facing display

    Clover Flex

    Payments at the table or in line

    Clover Mini

    Payments at the drive-thru

Customer Payments

  • More Screens for More Freedom
    With merchant and customer-facing screen options, you can manage the transaction on your end while enabling customers to take care of the payment with their preferred method.
  • Take Quick and Contactless Payments
    The portability of the Clover Mini means customers can easily handle their own over-the-counter payment or make it completely contactless with ease.
  • Flexibility with Every Transaction
    Take faster payments in line or anywhere around the store with Clover Flex and offer mobility and convenience to your customers with every swipe, dip, or tap.

Tableside Ordering

  • Fire Off Orders Faster
    Take orders and add descriptive modifiers in full detail with Order Note, assign orders to specific courses, and instantly fire off to the kitchen all with the touch of a finger using Clover Flex.
  • Conveniently Customize Courses
    Adding appetizers or condiments on the side? With the handheld convenience of the Flex, you can customize orders from anywhere in the restaurant while keeping them organized and in sync with the kitchen.
  • Seamlessly Connect to the Kitchen
    Display orders on a kitchen order display or have orders printed on a kitchen printer so you can keep everything streamlined and quickly submitted to your back-of-house staff.

Video from Fresh KDS about their Kitchen Display System

Paying the Bill

  • Take Payments Any Way, Anywhere
    Whether tableside, at the counter, or on-the-go, Clover Flex’s POS capabilities offer countless ways to pay, including credit, debit, mobile, gift card, check, and contactless payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • A Simpler Way to Split the Bill
    Eliminate the limitations and the hassle by splitting their bill their way, whether by guest, item, or a custom amount.
  • Take Care of Business with or without WiFi
    Clover Flex and Clover Mini have built-in WiFi so your restaurant can continue running even when your connection is down.

QR Codes for Menus and Payments

  • Scan to Pay
    An exclusive new feature of Clover Dining, Scan to Pay lets guests scan their bill with a QR code and pay right from their phone with Apple Pay. No more swiping and no more waiting.
  • Scan QR Codes to Display Menus
    Clover Dining enables guests to view your menu directly on their smartphones by simply scanning a QR code placed on their table, virtually eliminating the need for physical menus.
  • A Better Way to Pay
    Guests pay on their time, at their table. No more waiting for the check to be delivered. This allows for tables to turn faster which means more revenue and tips for your servers.

Video from Clover about QR Codes for Menus and Payments

Online Ordering

  • Easily Add Your Menu
    Getting started is easy. Include your menu when signing up, and Clover will add it to your online ordering site for free.
  • Take Online Orders with Confidence
    Fill orders straight from your website. Don’t yet have one? Clover Online Ordering offers a web page and portal that you can make your own right through the app.
  • Streamline Order Management
    Fire orders straight to your kitchen or POS and easily organize pickup orders, all from your Clover device.

Delivery, Curbside & Phone Orders

  • Use Third-Party Apps for Orders & Delivery
    Set up your Clover device with the major delivery services you use like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Chowly, all through the Clover App Market.
  • Delivery & Curbside with More Convenience
    Perfect for curbside pickup or delivery orders, Clover Flex and Clover Go offer more mobility and convenience with chip, swipe, and contactless payment options.
  • Easily Take Phone Orders
    With Clover Virtual Terminal, you can take payments or process refunds over the phone or by email, without using a separate Clover device.

Customer Loyalty

  • Build Loyalty and Promote Your Restaurant
    With features that let you manage announcements, exciting perks, and more, Clover Customer Engagement makes restaurant loyalty programs easier than ever with apps like Promos that help you build interest through text, email, and social media promotions.
  • Grow Sales with Gift Cards
    Clover Gift Cards help you build sales and guest loyalty with countless options and features. Create and order custom or pre-designed physical or digital cards, issue store credit directly from your Clover POS, allow customers to purchase and redeem cards from their smartphones, and so much more.
  • Connect & Collect Feedback
    Clover Feedback facilitates private communication with your guests directly through your POS. Gather input, respond to complaints, and correct issues before they go public on third-party sites such as Yelp, so you can keep growing your customer base and your bottom line.

Apps for Counter Service Restaurants

From mapping floor plans to scheduling staff, Clover apps take care of the work for you so you can stay focused on running your restaurant.

Clover Dining

Customize floor plans, manage guest counts, pre-authorize payments, communicate seamlessly from front to back-of-house, and so much more with this all-in-one app.


Allow employees to clock in and out, declare tips, print reports, and so much more while using restaurant “server banking” to calculate totals owed to the house.

Happy Hour

Manage menu details and discounts for drinks, appetizers, and more, all in time windows of your choosing, to give guests the ultimate happy hour experience.

Gift Cards

Create and order custom or pre-designed plastic or digital cards, sell and redeem cards, check balances, and issue store credit.


Build sales and guest loyalty with automated mailing list features, coupon programs, redemption tracking, and so much more.


Collect guest feedback, track comments, view trends, and respond to messages in real-time.

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Create the ultimate payment solution package.

Clover App Market

Choose from over 200 powerful apps designed to help you run your business.

Gift Card Program

Encourage brand loyalty with upfront payments for future purchases.

Loyalty & Rewards

Keep customers coming back by rewarding them for frequent purchases.

Check Services

Convert checks into electronic payments and speed up your cash flow.

QuickBooks Plugin

Automatically import payments into your existing accounting software.

Online Reporting

Monitor your account with real-time reports from anywhere.

Cash Advance

Get access to the cash you need to move your business forward.


Organize and better manage your invoices so you can get paid faster.

Unique Value We Provide

Unique Value We Provide

  • Cash Discount Program
  • Free Clover Placements
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Same-Day Setup
  • Next-Day Payments
  • Live Customer Support 24/7

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*This is an estimate based on Square’s pricing of 2.60% + $0.10 for a swiped sale and 3.5%+ 0.15 for a keyed sale. The model assumes 10 transactions per day with swiping ¾ of sales and keying ¼ of sales.

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