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National Bankcard is a leading provider in credit and debit card-based payment processing solutions to customers across the country. We pride ourselves on having the lowest processing rates backed by our award-winning customer service. No matter what type of business, our focus is to be your processor-of-choice.

With no hidden fees, we created a transparent sales model based on honesty. Low processing rates help merchants focus on what they do best-- run their business. Our “no cancellation fee” policy reinforces our commitment to providing the best ongoing support to merchants.

  • No Setup Fee

  • No Cancellation Fee

  • Same Day Setup

  • Next Day Payments

  • Wholesale Rates

  • Easy Application

  • BBB A+ Rating

  • Live Customer Support

How Credit Card Processing Works

# 1

1. Merchant submits customer’s credit card transaction via a secure connection to National Bankcard’s processor.

# 2

2. National Bankcard’s processor submits the transaction to the Credit Card Interchange network.

# 3

3. The Credit Card Interchange network receives and routes the transaction to the credit card issuing bank.

# 4

4. The bank approves or declines the transaction; and relays results back to National Bankcard’s processor.

# 5

5. The processor sends the approve or decline message back to the merchant’s point of sale. Steps 1-5 take about 3 seconds.

# 6

6. Merchant sends a record of daily transactions to the processor by ‘batching out’. Funds are deposited into checking account the next day.

Award-Winning Customer Support

National Bankcard achieved one of the highest merchant retention rates in the industry because we’re dedicated to ongoing account support. Our highly trained customer service team educates merchants, so you can make informed decisions about payment processing solutions.

Our Merchants Are Our Priority

National Bankcard makes the process of accepting payments at your business easy, secure and cost effective. We protect our merchants with a chargeback and fraud department that provides the highest level of security. We’re your partner when it comes to merchant services.

Processed for over 35,000 Merchants
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By lowering credit card processing costs and streamlining the payment process, our merchants stay with National Bankcard year-after-year.

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