Retail Businesses

Organize inventory, seamlessly handle returns, accept payments at the touch of a button, and oversee your staff with Clover’s retail-ready POS solutions that are designed to help you do more with your store.

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Clover for Retail Businesses

Example device setup for Retail Businesses:

    Clover Station Pro

    Payments at the counter with a customer-facing display

    Clover Flex

    Payments in line or around the store

    Clover Mini

    Payments at a second checkout area

Customer Payments

  • More Screens for More Freedom
    With merchant and customer-facing screen options, you can manage the transaction on your end while enabling customers to take care of the payment with their preferred method.
  • Take Quick and Contactless Payments
    The portability of the Clover Mini means customers can easily handle their over-the-counter payment or make it contactless with ease.
  • Flexibility with Every Transaction
    Take faster payments in line or anywhere around the store with Clover Flex and offer mobility and convenience to your customers with every swipe, dip, or tap.

Inventory Optimization

  • Create SKUs and Variants
    Better manage your products and stock with size or style variants that work for your business.
  • Set Up Low-Stock Alerts
    Create inventory management alerts based on how and when you place orders so that you never miss a sale again.
  • Easily Add and Update Items
    With compatible accessories like a barcode scanner, you can add to or update your inventory faster and more efficiently.

Payments and Refunds

  • Accept Customer Payments Quickly
    Clover’s powerful retail software takes credit, debit, gift cards, and mobile payments in seconds while applying pre-set tax rates to every sale.
  • Work Offline
    Keep working through any interruption—just accept payments in offline mode and process them when you’re back up and running.
  • Process Faster Returns
    Process every refund fast, even with multiple payments, and easily offer store credit.

Managing Staff

  • Track Staff Sales
    Follow and track sales details to reward top-performing staff and set up team commissions.
  • Set Permissions
    Keep control of your staff’s access to sensitive business data and documents.
  • Organize Shifts
    Work through schedules and better plan employee shifts on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Customer Loyalty

  • Send Promotions & Offer Rewards
    With Clover Promos, you can send exciting offers, sales, and promotions via text and email or have them printed out along the bottom of every receipt.
  • Collect Direct Feedback
    Gather real-time customer experiences right through your Clover system so you can keep improving your offerings—and your business.
  • Sell and Redeem Gift Cards
    Boost your revenue and your branding with custom or pre-designed plastic or digital cards that customers can redeem with their smartphones.

Apps for Retail Businesses.

From staff scheduling to creating customized promotions, this wide variety of apps offer a simpler and more manageable way to run your store from every side.


Build staff schedules complete with email and text reminders, consolidate timesheets, track labor costs, and more with the app designed to save you time on payroll.

Shifts by Clover

Manage staff scheduling, track sales through detailed reports, quickly edit shift times, and so much more.

Time Clock

Let staff clock in and out while tracking hours, build schedules, manage hiring, and more, so you can spend less time in the office and more time with your customers.

Quickbooks by Commerce Sync

Transfer daily sales and analytics into QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks for Desktop, or Xero, and virtually eliminate the need for a bookkeeper.

Gift Cards by Clover

Create and order custom or pre-designed plastic or digital cards, sell and redeem cards, check balances, and issue store credit.

Promos by Clover

Build sales and guest loyalty with automated mailing list features, coupon programs, redemption tracking, and so much more.

See how Clover helped Soren Salon.

See how Clover helped Big Swinging Cycles.

Create the ultimate payment solution package.

Clover App Market

Choose from over 200 powerful apps designed to help you run your business.

Gift Card Program

Encourage brand loyalty with upfront payments for future purchases.

Loyalty & Rewards

Keep customers coming back by rewarding them for frequent purchases.

Check Services

Convert checks into electronic payments and speed up your cash flow.

QuickBooks Plugin

Automatically import payments into your existing accounting software.

Online Reporting

Monitor your account with real-time reports from anywhere.

Cash Advance

Get access to the cash you need to move your business forward.


Organize and better manage your invoices so you can get paid faster.

Unique Value We Provide

Unique Value We Provide

  • Cash Discount Program
  • Free Clover Placements
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Same-Day Setup
  • Next-Day Payments
  • Live Customer Support 24/7

Pay 0% processing rates with our Cash Discount Program

Adjust the calculator to see your Monthly Savings. Cash Discounting passes the cost of accepting credit cards to your customer. This type of processing is becoming the most popular form of payment acceptance today.

Monthly Savings *

Slide the meter to input your average monthly credit card sales.

*This is an estimate based on Square’s pricing of 2.60% + $0.10 for a swiped sale and 3.5%+ 0.15 for a keyed sale. The model assumes 10 transactions per day with swiping ¾ of sales and keying ¼ of sales.

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