Online Processing

  • Accept credit cards on your computer
  • Send invoices and process checks
  • Integrates into your website and cart
  • FREE payment gateway setup

Accept credit cards on your computer or turn you website into an online shopping destination.

Speed and simplicity with every online sale. Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway

    • Virtual terminal
    • Website integration
    • Shopping cart integration
    • Recurring billing
    • Check processing
    • Invoicing
    • Fraud protection

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Online Processing Capabilities

With consumers making purchases at all hours, you need an online payment processing service you can trust. National Bankcard helps you accept credit cards or debit cards online day and night, through Authorize.Net.

  • Recurring billing features
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Seamless merchant interface

Shopping Cart Integration

National Bankcard’s online processing services through Authorize.Net lets your customers shop how they want when they want, while you build your business with every sale.

  • Compatible with 100+ shopping cart solutions
  • Fast and easy checkout
  • Reinforce your brand throughout the checkout process

Virtual Terminal

With Virtual Terminal credit card processing, you can turn your computer into a complete payment processor so you can keep your business moving.

  • Manually key in debit and credit cards or process check orders
  • Process recurring payments
  • Send out invoices

How Online Processing works for your business:

  • Shopping cart compatibility
    Our online processing solutions offer complete integration with over 100 shopping cart platforms, so you can continue offering the checkout experience your customers know.
  • A merchant interface built for your business
    Your online payment platform comes with a merchant interface that lets you review transactions, download reports, set up user permissions, and so much more.
  • Virtual terminal
    Accept payments, view orders, send invoices, and more, with a virtual terminal that helps you streamline your online business sales right from your computer.

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