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How it works

# 1

1. Merchant submits customer’s credit card transaction via a secure connection to National Bankcard’s processor.

# 2

2. National Bankcard’s processor submits the transaction to the Credit Card Interchange network.

# 3

3. The Credit Card Interchange network receives and routes the transaction to the credit card issuing bank.

# 4

4. The bank approves or declines the transaction; and relays results back to National Bankcard’s processor.

# 5

5. The processor sends the approve or decline message back to the merchant’s point of sale. Steps 1-5 take about 3 seconds.

# 6

6. Merchant sends a record of daily transactions to the processor by ‘batching out’. Funds are deposited into checking account the next day.

Processed for over 32,500 Merchants
Brands that we have worked with:

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Processed for over 32,500 Merchants
Brands that we have worked with:

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  • Apple Pay & NFC

    Keep the line moving when you accept fast, contactless forms of payment.

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  • Chip Cards & EMV

    Transition to the new standard of secure credit card processing.

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  • Loyalty & Text Club

    Keep customers coming back by rewarding them for frequent purchases.

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  • Check Services

    Convert checks into electronic payments and speed up your cash flow.

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  • Gift Card Program

    Encourage brand loyalty with upfront payments for future purchases.

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  • Online Reporting

    Monitor your account with real-time reports at any time, from anywhere.

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  • Cash Advance Program

    Get access to cash to grow your business or simply when you need it.

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  • Quickbooks Integration

    Import payments automatically into your existing accounting software.

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