PAX S90 Wireless Credit Card Swiper Refurbished

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  • Free credit card terminal, $199.00 value!
  • Free pin pad and free check reader
  • Processing rates from only 0.25%
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The PAX S90 wireless credit card swiper makes fast, reliable transactions with each and every customer. As a mobile POS terminal, it's rechargeable battery and GPRS or 3G connectivity give merchants flexibility to accept credit cards and debit cards anywhere. With built-in chip card and contactless readers, merchants opt to accept any credit card. The S90 is PCI PTS 3.x approved for secure credit card processing at any merchant location. Additionally, with a long-lasting battery, fast internal processor, and the capability to plug in any USB, the PAX S90 is ideal for any on-the-go or wireless retail environment. All of these features add up to this being one of the most reliable, popular credit card swiper machines on the market today.


  • 32-Bit ARM11 processor
  • 192MB memory
  • 128x64 pixel LCD, white backlit display
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • EMV and NFC compatabile
  • GPRS or 3G connectivity
  • Single or dual SIM functionality
  • PCI PTS 3.x certification
  • Li-ion battery
  • Accepts both credit and debit cards


  • Speed: The 32-bit ARM11 processor ensure a quick and speedy check out for all customers.
  • Security: Built in PCI PTS 3.x & EMV L1 & L2 security certifications.
  • Memory: 192MB (128MB Flash, 64MB DDR) processor for long-term storage.
  • Connectivity: Fully wireless and ready to go. USB connectivity ensures you are connected anywhere.
  • Battery: The large capacity, Li-ion battery (1800mAh, 7.4V) allows for long-term use in any retail environment.
  • Contactless Payments (Optional): Payment options include MasterCard PayPass & Visa payWave American Express Express Pay, Discover DPAS, and more.
  • Accessories (Optional): Holder, Charging Dock, Car Charger

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The PAX S90 wireless credit card swiper assures fast, reliable transactions with each and every customer.