Ingenico iWL255 Wireless Credit Card Machine Refurbished

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  • Free pin pad and free check reader
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Designed for mobility with the latest technology, this wireless credit card processor offers a comprehensive processing solution. It's long battery life helps merchants process more credit cards and debit cards in a day's time. Built in EMV and NFC readers set you up to accept credit cards with the latest security technology. Improve merchant productivity with a payment processor built off the powerful Telium2 platform. By printing 30 lines per second, it boasts the fastest printer speed integrated in a payment solution. It's sure to cut your printing times almost in half to improve efficiency. But the greatest benefit of the iWL255 may be the overall portable usefulness brought about by its mobility and wireless capabilities. Unlike many other terminals, this wireless credit card processing machine was specifically built to thrive in portable, active, and on-the-go POS environments. Between the long battery life, wireless capabilities, lightweight & compact size, super-fast printer, and a wide backlit keypad (great for both indoors & outside), the iWL255 is ready for the most demanding environments you can throw at it.


  • Telium2 platform
  • Docking station (optional)
  • 3G GPRS connectivity
  • Prints 30 lines per second
  • Built-in EMV and NFC readers
  • Internal pin pad
  • Accepts both credit and debit cards


  • Wireless Connectivity: This one is ready to go anywhere. A multitude of wireless connectivity options include: GPRS, 3G, WiFi & Bluetooth Class 1.
  • Speed & Portability: The iWL series comes with ARM 9 & ARM 7 processors for speed and reliability, wherever you are.
  • Payment Options: This portable wireless credit card machine accepts EMV chip, Magstripe, NFC (contactless) and NFC couponing / e-wallet payment options.
  • Mobile POS: Designed specifically with mobility in mind, this portable credit card machine includes an extended battery life (it can run all day), lightweight size, robust design, and backlit technology for both indoor & outdoor use.
  • Multi-Use: This machine is competent in almost any business or small business environment. It is specifically adept at fast paced, active retail environments where longevity and versatility are key.
  • Security: All machines in the iWL series meet the highest security requirements. It is PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified, with SRED & Open protocol modules.
  • Printer: Print on the go in high speed with the advanced, 30 lines per second capabilities. This is designed for on the go checkout efficiency.

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Designed for mobility with the latest technology, this wireless credit card processor offers a comprehensive processing solution.