Ingenico ICT220 Card Reader Refurbished

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This lightweight, stylish card reader can stand alone to perform secure credit card processing at any business. Accept traditional and new forms of payment, including mangastripe, chip cards and Apple Pay and NFC. Merchants maintain functionality of a full processing solution without a POS system or cash register. Print receipts, create settlement reports and utilize brand enhancement programs with this secure, easy-to-use card reader. The iCT220 is one of the most reliable credit or debit card readers on the market today. The high security, simple and effective design, and trusted operating systems is beloved by merchants and retail environments throughout the world. With a track record of over 30 years and over 27 million terminals deployed throughout the globe, it’s easy to see the why so many business have come to trust this card reader. Call or contact National Bankcard today to learn how you can get a free card reader for your business.


  • Telium2 technology platform with a dual processor
  • PCI PTS V3.0 security standard compliant
  • Supports international security algorithms, including DEC, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session
  • iPP220 Pin Pad integration for debit cards and contactless payments
  • Serial, USB and ethernet connection options
  • Apple Pay, NFC, EMV and mangastrip compatible
  • No add-on components needed
  • Accepts both credit and debit cards


  • High Security: The iCT220 come fully certified with PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x requirements and meets SRED and Open protocol modules. This means it hits the highest security requirements and is one of the safest card readers on the market.
  • Payment Options: All payment options come standard for full versatility and customer service.
  • Merchant-Focused Design: Small, lightweight, robust, and comes with very easy handling. This card reader was designed with businesses in mind. The large keys, backlit keypad, and easy menu helps move customers through quickly.
  • Connectivity & Communication: Able to be connected anytime, anywhere, at a high speed, and by almost any method - modems, ethernet, etc.
  • Telium 2 Operating System: The Telium 2 technology is one of the world’s best overall platforms for secure and convenient payment systems. This technology is fully scalable and integrates with the 27 million+ terminals around the world.

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This lightweight, stylish card reader can stand alone to perform secure credit card processing at any business.