First Data FD130 Credit Card Terminal Refurbished

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  • Free credit card terminal, $129.00 value!
  • Free pin pad and free check reader
  • Processing rates from only 0.25%
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Equipped with EMV technology, the FD130 terminal allows you to accept the newest standard of security without slowing down checkout times. Merchants can accept all major credit cards, contactless payments, chip cards and gift cards. Plus, it’s compatible with pin pads and check readers to add debit cards and electronic checks to your accepted forms of payment. Process batch reports, print receipts and securely process credit cards all from this easy-to-use, color display terminal. With optional Wi-Fi connectivity, use the First Data FD130 terminal over an IP with dial-up as a backup connection. Set up couldn’t be easier. Simply install the terminal, follow the on-screen prompts, and you will be ready to accept payments in all major forms (credit cards, gift cards, & contactless payments) in a matter of minutes. By adding the optional check reader or pin pad, you can further expand the versatility of this terminal. The bottom line is, the FD130 is one of the absolute best credit card terminals on the market today.


  • Windows CE 6.0 and ARM9 400Mhz CPU
  • Printer capable of 15 lines per second
  • Touch-screen capability with 320x420 color display
  • Three-track magnetic-stripe reader
  • EMV chip technology and NFC compatible
  • 64 MB RAM standard memory
  • Batch History
  • Three USB ports
  • True 32-Bit processing
  • IP and dial-up support with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (WiFi optional)
  • Drop-in paper-loading system
  • Accepts both credit and debit cards


  • Combination Services: The FD130 combines all major infrastructure into one, simple credit card terminal. You get: The terminal itself, printer, pin pad, chip reader, and contactless reader.
  • Security: Equipped with EMV technology, this added layer of security enhances the overall security of customer payment methods.
  • Speed: The FD130 is fast. With Windows CE 6.0, the terminal processes at a speedy ARM( 400Mhz CPU.
  • Quick Printer: The drop-in paper loading system makes for easy loading and printing capabilities of 15 lines per second.
  • Fraud Protection: Protect your customers from fraudulent transactions with optional customer, merchant, and report truncation features.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Connect to the internet however you like (IP, dial up, or optional WiFi) with this wireless credit card terminal.
  • Touch Screen: Full color display and easy one touch features.
  • DCC Service: Dynamic Currency Conversion service makes it possible for international customers to pay in their currency of their choice or origin.
  • Check Reader & Pin Pad (Additional): Both are optional add-ons, using the TeleCheck Electronic Acceptance solution.


  • Retail of all kinds
  • Dining & Restaurants
  • Parking Garages & Car Parks
  • Bars & Night Clubs
  • Grocery Stores
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
  • Hotels
  • Ecommerce
  • Plus Many more!

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Equipped with EMV technology, the FD130 credit card terminal allows you to accept the newest standard of security without slowing down checkout times.