Build customer loyalty to keep them coming back.

Turn a new customer into a repeat customer with the loyalty card program through National Bankcard and Pirq. You reward customers for frequent purchases while increasing customer retention. It’s a win-win.


  • Customer Retention

    Encourages future purchases

  • Customizable Rewards

    Tailor incentives for your patrons

  • Track Visits

    Learn customer purchase habits

  • Easy to Use

    No POS integration required

Remarketing Tool

Give past customers an offer they can’t refuse. Your rewards program serves as a marketing tool to engage past customers with your business again.

Partnering With Us Is Simple

National Bankcard is a leading provider of credit and debit card-based payment processing services to customers across the country. We pride ourselves on award-winning customer service and supplying high-tech solutions. Regardless of the type of business, our focus is to be your processor-of-choice.

  • No Setup Fee

  • No Cancellation Fee

  • Same Day Setup

  • Next Day Payments

  • Wholesale Rates

  • Easy Application

  • BBB A+ Rating

  • Live Customer Support

Learn how to implement a loyalty program at your business.

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